ISI Programming Class

ISI planned to run a free programming course for the “non-cs” students.
You may have heard about “Digitalization” or “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”, and we thought some of you might be interested in to be part of this trend.

The class will be mainly about web programming, but we will also talk about many interesting IT-stories (block-chain, machine learning, career, etc.).

The class will start in the first week of September, but we need to estimate the number of students who want to join this class to find the proper size of the classroom. Moreover, we need to find the best time that most students can participate.

Please fill out the form (no need for the personal information), so that we can announce the detailed plan next week.

Thank you.

Title: Free programming course
Content: Web-programming
Start Date: First week of September (two hours per week)
End Date: End of the semester
Day(choose one): Monday (18:00~20:00), Tuesday (16:00~18:00)
Location: KE A-205


Programming course group

Notice for the Fadder Week

The fadderweek is about to begin and on Monday you can meet the fadders in Kjølv Egelands hus in room E452 fra 08:45. Here it will be possible to buy fadder T-shirt, which will work as a ticket to the fadder tent. Afterwards, we will go down to the “worlds longest breakfast table” at 09:20

If you can’t find the way or have any other questions you can call me on: 93895310
Fredrik Svendsen: 99529141
Harald Thirud Skutvik: 98403826

International/exchange student related questions
Jungwon Seo: 46920685


Hope to see you there!