Welcome, New Students of 2019

Welcome to UiS and ISI.

We are really excited to meet the new students in 2019!

Here’s some information that will be useful for when you start your year at UiS.

What is ISI?

ISI stands for “Interesseorganisasjonen for Sivilingeniørstudentene i Informasjonsteknologi”. We are the student organization for master students within the institute for “Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – IDE».

All relevant notices and useful information will be delivered through this organization. Moreover, we have many international students who do not have experience in Norway, so being tied with ISI will be very helpful and make your life in Norway more fun!

Where is it?

The organization room (ISI room) is located in KE-452.

Joining the Facebook group is really important for the new students!

Email : post@isi-uis.no

What is next?

The Fadder Festival (orientation/party week) is held 12-18 August. There will be many interesting events and activities and we’ll all get to know each other well.

This event is not mandatory, but we really recommend you to join so that you can get close to each other early on.

Don’t hesitate to join this event! We are ready to help you with anything.

Email : post@isi-uis.no

See you soon!