What is ISI ?

ISI is a student organization for M.Sc. student at the institute for data and electronics in University of Stavanger. ISI was founded in 1987.
Both members of ISI and the board are studying masters in Automation and signal processing or computer science. In addition, every year we are lucky to have Exchange student from various parts of the world.
One of ISI’s main goals is to promote social and professional gatherings between students. On Campus, we have our own relaxing room where students always are welcome to get a coffee. In the work room students can work in a professional environment. Throughout the year, ISI organizes various events for the student both on and outside Campus
ISI are also obligated to inform and make connections between students and the relevant business sector. During the year ISI organizing company presentations and workshops for the students. ISI informs students about external events and vacancies in relevant companies.